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Benefits of getting on-line

benefits of getting online
As a community organisation, you need to publish clear information, freely accessible to the widest possible number of people at any time.
Free access to the internet is now provided in all communities, in the workplace and at home, making use of the Internet part of every day life and an important source of information now relied upon.
A website is the best and most cost effective tool for the promotion of your organisation.

New information is made available to the community in minutes, at no cost.

Administration time is saved; print and postage costs reduced.
Families can be given a new way to engage and contribute feedback through the site, post questions to staff, have fun and develop new skills.
Hard to reach groups, such as Fathers, can be encouraged to get involved without having to be face to face.
Your website can support employment, up-skilling and family learning.
Providing information about core services families need and widely use, your website will encourage the inexperienced Internet user to experience the benefits ICT can offer.

This incentive supports the Governmentsí drive to ensure all citizens develop basic IT literacy, allowing them to take part in the digital revolution now underway.
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