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John Fowler, Director
Sheerness Children & Families Centre
“We constantly receive positive feedback on the style and content of the website. Local folk in particular have been pleased to be able to look up details of staff and to find out about activities.

We were recently highlighted for our good practice in a speech by the Prime Minister and the Downing St. website published a link to our website. Our site receives very high hit rates and we are delighted with the response.

It's easy to use, easy to update and a real asset to us - thanks for all your help”
Louisa Bayley, Children's Centre Manager
Dereham Children's Centre, Norfolk
"We knew we had to start our own website. It is expected that we are “up with the times” and distributing information in better ways is important to us, yet we struggled with developing our own.

WebSure solves our problems. A fully developed site that covers much more than I envisaged and allows us to complete the local areas that are important to us. What a relief!"
Sally Fox, Administration & Information Co-ordinator
Riverside Children’s Centre
"I have recently taken over the role of keeping our Children’s Centre Website updated. To start with I thought this would be really time consuming and confusing, but actually I really enjoy it.

As I’m now just keeping sections updated and moderating the parent talk section it doesn’t taken up a huge amount of my time.

Now I have learnt how to do things quicker I would say that I will now only be spending approx 2 - 3 hours to half a day max a month keeping it fully functional"
Marie Drummond, Clerical Officer/Receptionist
Sure Start Preston West
"I only recently took over the responsibility of updating the website but I do find it quite easy to use. I've never used a web program or updated any website before.

Julie Warburton (our Programme Manager) showed me how to use it in about half an hour. I don't think you need to have any special skills to do this work; it's very straightforward to follow.

I spend no more than 2 to 3 hours a month updating it and a lot of that time is actually used chasing the correct information. Actual time on the website updating it is only about an hour a month"
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